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Commercial Commissary and Airline Product and Services

TPPI provides a broad range of custom designed single and multi serve food packaging and reusable containers. These container solutions attractively display cooling and heating possibilities. Product security benefits the protection of your consumable products one way or round trip. In addition, these containers also keep food contaminate free and at a consistent temperature to meet the various regulations for the transport of ready-to-eat (RTE) food, whether it's in the flight kitchen or onboard an aircraft.

  • Increased revenue to reduce handling.
  • Advanced offering of Ready-to-Eat (RTE) foods on round-trip, down line, and small airport commuter flights without cooling capacities or catering locations.
  • Ability to provide seasonal food offering programs, without financial investment.
  • Advanced Buy-on-Board offering, beyond sandwiches.
  • Round-trip capabilities to cities where catering does not exist.
  • Reduction or elimination of dry-ice.
  • Wet ice performance increase due to lower melting rates.
  • Options of not using on-board chillers, resulting in weight reduction, maintenance and utility savings.
  • Increased revenue stream, from on-board sales offerings and satisfied customers.